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GypsySpark is a collaboration between Jimmy and Talia Lumpkin, with Brenda Bledsoe.  It came about from an album Jimmy made in 2015 called Gypsy Spark, inspired by a handmade Native American flute, given to him by Donald Porta.  Jimmy knew nothing about the instrument but was fascinated by it's story and sound.  Within a few weeks, he archived a song with it called 'Going Out Into The Rain', which made its way onto his album, Magnetic Mystery.


In 2018, after seeing Jimmy perform, Brenda purchased a copy of Gypsy Spark, which ultimately led to their collaboration.  Being a songwriter and lover of the native flute, she felt a bond to their music.  After hearing Brenda's songs, the Lumpkin's felt the same.  Jimmy produced a demo recording of her song 'Keepers' and shortly after, they began performing together.


Brenda's love for the native flute came about from her nature explorations of the 5-river delta waters that flow into Mobile Bay.  She spent time touring the marshlands with her friend Jimbo Meador, who introduced her to the instrument.  Jimbo shared his fascinating life stories, which inspired Brenda to write the song 'Dirty Water'.


The Gulf Coast has many places to hear live music and enjoy great food and ambience.  GypsySpark brings something different to these venues.  The trio has an acoustic-centered sound which intertwines flute and guitar.  It's a little nostalgic of 60's folk, but it's also something current and thankfully, intangible.  Elements of a wide-range of genres could be guessed at for inspiration.


GypsySpark has been playing together for over a year and they have hope for the future!  Hope, as flint and steel strike with inspiration and breath brings song to flame.  They are excited about the progress of their music, and they need advocates to help spread the message.  Peaceful Earthlings will not go quietly into the night!


Their 2019 debut album, World Shakers, is available for download here on the Music page.  Pick up a CD when you hear them at a live show.  This album is a compilation of songs meant to inspire people to make wise choices for the Earth, and all of life in its delicate balance.  You will also hear tales of cheer and woe as they seek to transport you to other realms with their music.

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