Jimmy Lumpkin is simply a powerhouse on vocals and guitar, no voice like him anywhere. Brenda Bledsoe, a fabulous multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Talia Lumpkin on percussion and back up vocal is solid as a rock. I describe the World Shakers album as soothing and mesmerizing, and their album release show was phenomenal!”

Jim Pennington, owner, The Listening Room of Mobile

This indie folk-rock trio will stir your senses with tunes crafted by songwriters Jimmy Lumpkin and Brenda Bledsoe.  Soulful and organic, their southern-rooted music is grounded by Talia Lumpkin's percussion, giving the band a tribal back-beat.  GypsySpark's sound is somewhat nostalgic of 60's folk, with a dreamy element that intertwines flute and acoustic guitar.  With lyrics inspired by their love for nature and preserving the environment, GypsySpark will transport you to a thought-provoking realm.  Their vast repertoire includes hundreds of original songs, and creative spins on familiar cover tunes, offering something for everyone.  

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